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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Judge Issues Gag Order in Oklahoma State Homecoming Parade Prosecution

What are the latest updates on the Oklahoma State Homecoming Parade case?

On Monday, November 9th, progress was made in the recent case against Adacia Chambers for allegedly causing the injury and death of multiple people at the Oklahoma State Homecoming parade. The original judge recused herself because she knew one of the victims. The substitute judge sent Ms. Chambers for a mental evaluation and adjourned the case to a date in December. The judge also issued a gag order, prohibiting all involved in the case from publicly speaking about it for 2 weeks, until defense counsel could be heard on the order.

Since the crash occurred, a motive has been sought. One possible explanation is that Ms. Chambers had mental health issues. Ms. Chambers is accused of driving through a red light, around a barricade, over a police motorcycle, and through a crowd of spectators. A video of Ms. Chambers being processed upon her entry into jail includes audio of her admitting to past mental health issues and struggles with attempted suicide. She admitted to feeling suicidal at the time of the crash. Her father has admitted that his daughter has had treatment for mental health issues in the past. The prosecution has publicly stated that it is their theory that Ms. Chambers’ behavior at the time of the crash was intentional.

Because it seems from reports that the defense will not be based on the identification of the driver, it may turn out to be very important for the defense to ensure that the jury is aware of the mental health of the defendant. If such mental health issues were present and arguable, the case may hinge on whether the defendant was sane at the time of the crash, and therefore capable of being criminally responsible. Thus, the gag order issued in this case is much more important than it may originally seem and may turn out to be a contested issue at the time that the judge hears arguments from defense counsel in the near future.

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