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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Four Reasons You Need an Attorney after your Auto Accident

You never expected that you would be hurt in a car crash or truck accident but it happened. Now you find yourself with medical bills and a damaged or totaled vehicle but don't know what to do next. Well it's time to hire an attorney and here are the four reasons why:

  1. Insurance companies are not your friend. The way insurance companies make money is by charging premiums and   paying out as little as possible on claims. Their goal is to convince you that your injury and property isn't worth that much and they have hired and trained adjusters whose only job is to pay you as little as possible. When you attempt to negotiate with the insurance company, there is a wide array of pitfalls that can diminish the value of your case; attorneys are trained to identify and avoid those pitfalls.

  2. Attorneys know the law and the community. Automobile accidents can involve several different kinds of policies and will require extensive documentation. Personal injury attorneys are more efficient because they know how to obtain that documentation quickly and cost effectively. Additionally, Attorneys know what kind of policies to look for when evaluating a claim and also know what kind of documentation will be necessary to maximize the value of your case. You may be entitled to benefit from a number of different policies including liability, uninsured motorist or MedPay policies.

  3. Attorneys know the court system. On occasion, you will be entitled to more than the insurance company is willing to pay. In the event that a lawsuit needs to be filed, attorneys have the personal knowledge and experience to navigate what can often be a complicated court process. This is a dangerous process to attempt to navigate on your own.

  4. Attorneys have a vested interest in your success. Personal injury attorneys are compensated based on a percentage of your settlement and want you to recover the maximum possible amount. You can trust a personal injury attorney to leave no stone unturned and to fairly represent the reasonableness of any settlement offer.

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