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The reality is that marital problems and issues relating to the care and custody of children are common in our society. Regardless of the nature of the dispute you face, the family law attorneys at the Law Offices of Greg Lavender can help.

Divorce is the dissolution of a marriage, a highly emotional matter filled with complex issues that need to be resolved. The division of property, support payments and the custody of children are just a few. Many times, there are also domestic violence issues thrown into the mix. These matters are hard to face alone. The good news is that you don’t have to. Our attorneys can assist and support you throughout your divorce and resolve any and all issues for you. We regularly represent individuals in relation to the equitable distribution of property after a divorce, as well as in matters of child custody, visitation and support. We treat all of our clients with the compassion and respect they deserve, while providing the aggressive representation they often require.

There are also family law matters that arise between partners who have never been married.  Paternity, or the establishment of legal fatherhood, is a common issue in the State of Oklahoma. Mothers are given sole custody of children who are born out of wedlock.  If paternity is established a father will obtain a whole host of parental rights, including the right to ask for custody and visitation, as well as parental responsibilities including financial support. Our attorneys routinely assist clients in establishing paternity either at the time of the child’s birth or at a later date.

Our attorneys also represent clients in relation to the modification or enforcement of divorce, custody and support orders and agreements. While many think that the battle is over after a divorce decree or child custody arrangement is decided upon, that is not usually the case. As circumstances change these orders and agreements frequently need to be modified. This is not always easy to do and usually requires thorough negotiation and/or a court action.  Another service we provide is helping clients to enforce the terms of an order or agreement through the use of contempt actions.

Family issues are tough and can be extremely stressful due to the high stakes involved.  We can offer support and peace of mind to clients involved in these distressing situations.  If you are facing a divorce, child custody, child support or paternity matter in Oklahoma, you should consider hiring one of the dedicated, compassionate attorneys at the Law Offices of Greg Lavender. Contact our office in Tulsa by calling (918) 863-2899 for a consultation today.

The following documentation will be needed to properly represent you in your family law case:

  1. Any Petition, motion or decree relevant to the current dispute;
  2. Proof of income for the past ninety (90) days;
  3. Proof of health insurance coverage for you and any minor children (if available), including premium cost;
  4. Statements for the past six (6) months for all bank accounts held in the name of either party individually or jointly, or in the name of another person for the benefit of either party, or held by either party for the benefit of the minor child or children of the parties;
  5. Complete state and federal tax returns for the prior three (3) years;
  6. Documentation regarding the cost and nature of employment or educationally related child care expenses incurred for the benefit of the minor child or children of the parties;
  7. Documentation regarding all debts in the name of either party individually or jointly, showing the most recent balance due and payment terms; and,
  8. An accurate and provable list of monthly living expenses.

Family Case Results

Creek County (Sapulpa); Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage
Mr. Lavender represented a woman whose estranged husband had absconded with her children in the dead of the night. Before hiring Mr. Lavender the client had not seen her children in over a year and her husband had been living at various shelters across the continental United States with the children. The children were eventually located in Texas, Mr. Lavender obtained an emergency custody order and the client was able to retrieve her children. Today the client’s divorce has been finalized and she has full custody of her children.

Tulsa County; Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage
This case was initiated when client’s spouse unsuccessfully attempted to obtain emergency custody over the parties’ minor child based on bogus allegations of drug abuse. From the very beginning the opposing party was unwilling to cooperate and co-parent with client and prolonged litigation for months. Mr. Lavender worked diligently to diffuse the situation and the parties eventually were able to agree to a joint custody arrangement that was suitable for everyone including, and most importantly, the minor child.

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