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The State of Oklahoma aggressively prosecutes individuals engaged in possessing, distributing and manufacturing illegal substances. With the great variety of elicit substances on the black market, the legal implications of being caught with a drug are highly complex. This is why, if you are charged with a drug crime, you need a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney at your side throughout your case. The Law Offices of Greg Lavender can assist you in the defense of any and all drug-related crimes.

Possession is defined as having an illegal substance in your control, meaning on your person or in your immediate surroundings. If someone is found to have control over a drug but not found to have it on his or her person, they can still be charged under the doctrine of constructive possession. The crime of possession is further broken down into possession for personal use and possession with intent to distribute. Possession with intent to distribute, the more serious offense, is defined as having control over an illegal substance for the purposes of selling or dispensing it to others. The intent to distribute can be inferred from the amount of the substance found or from paraphernalia, such as scales, found in the person’s possession.

Manufacturing a drug is also a crime in Oklahoma. Creating a drug using chemicals or extracting a drug from another source is considered the manufacturing of an illegal substance. With the increase in designer drugs, such as crystal meth and ecstasy, the number of manufacturing charges has skyrocketed in recent years.

Due to the wide variety of drugs available to the people of Oklahoma, the state has come up with a way to categorize them. The drugs are classified according to a variety of factors including: the potential for abuse, the addictiveness of the drug, and whether there is any recognized medical use for the substance. The crimes are organized in a schedule ranging from the most to the least offensive. Each category has its own range of punishments. These punishments include incarceration, fines and the forfeiture of assets.  This schedule makes it easy for those accused and their representatives to see what type of punishments are being faced. A drug charge can also be enhanced or increased in severity for a number of reasons, including the role of minors and the proximity to a school or other protected zone.

The Law Offices of Greg Lavender in Tulsa, Oklahoma regularly represent those accused of drug possession, distribution and manufacturing. If you have been accused of such a crime it is a distinct possibility that you will face harsh punishments. Retaining a criminal defense attorney increases the possibility that your case will be favorably resolved.  Contact the office by calling (918) 863-2899 today.

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